the art of disconnection Monday, Jun 11 2012 

you think being so disconnected is lonely, reclusive, sad even. you’re not wrong. but when you are far more estranged and removed from life and relationships than you probably should be, as i am, there is a peace in it. a beauty. it means you can worry less about the judgement of others, reflect more on your own heart and ideas, and focus on the freedom inside of you in a way that others only dream about. don’t for one second feel sorry for me. i chose this. this is purposeful. this is me.


rest in peace Monday, Aug 31 2009 

r: what happened to your blog, dude?

b: it died

r: rest in peace

r: cause of death?

b: twitter

“I would have stayed up with you all night had I known how to save a life.” Wednesday, Sep 17 2008 

Maybe it’s the falling leaves or the falling temperature, but autumn always becomes a time for reflection. Today my reflection is built in, a memory from 2 years ago that still makes me cringe every time I hear a motorcycle rev. At one time, friends gathered, coming and going at all hours but never really leaving. Now time passes but hearts don’t forget, faces remember the streams of tears, and for one 24 hour period it’s September 2006 all over again.

Renee says: Monday, Jul 21 2008 

“Reach your potential!”

N.M.B. Tuesday, Apr 29 2008 

When I was a junior in college, one of my sorority sisters passed away suddenly. She had a heart problem and one morning she just didn’t wake up. Since that devastating day, every t-shirt, headband, and moving speech coming out of our chapter has included a tribute to her. She was a year younger than I, and this year her peers will graduate. Their senior bar crawl shirts had her initials on the sleeve, of course. But I find myself wondering if her tributes will move on along with the class of 2008. Sure, maybe a thing or two will bear her name next year, as the class of 2009 was initiated while she was still alive. But after them? Soon our Little 500s, our bar crawls, and our fund raisers will not remember her. She will live on with those who knew her, but the chapter will forget.

How do you stop a group from forgetting, when you’re not even sure it’s their duty to remember?

Lisa Simpson – NAKED! Wednesday, Mar 26 2008 

In case you haven’t noticed, my March 2007 post Lisa Simpson is often on my Top Posts list (see left column.) This is because the most common search term used to get to my site is “lisa simpson naked.” So even though this blog is riddled with thoughtful prose, tortured poetry and personal musings, what really matters is seeing cartoons in their birthday suits. I considered being upset in a philosophically profound way, but then I realized that the thought of Lisa Simpson’s ta-ta’s was gaining me readership. So thanks, Lis. One man’s trash is [a great way to get to] another man’s treasure.

The Crying Game Sunday, Jan 27 2008 

it feels really good to cry

by myself

in my own home

without anyone walking in

asking what’s wrong

because it’s good to cry

without definition

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