the art of disconnection Monday, Jun 11 2012 

you think being so disconnected is lonely, reclusive, sad even. you’re not wrong. but when you are far more estranged and removed from life and relationships than you probably should be, as i am, there is a peace in it. a beauty. it means you can worry less about the judgement of others, reflect more on your own heart and ideas, and focus on the freedom inside of you in a way that others only dream about. don’t for one second feel sorry for me. i chose this. this is purposeful. this is me.


“If you type two spaces after a period, you’re doing it wrong.” Saturday, Jan 15 2011 


I came across this article yesterday, and it warmed my heart:

“Space Invaders: Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period” by Farhad Manjoo

As a writer doing a tedious job in the corporate world, I am hyper-sensitive to the writing that is going on around me. Just a few months ago, I was helping a co-worker compose an email. I was shocked to see her double space between sentences! After all, she is a youthful 29 years old. I thought that using double spaces between sentences was antiquated typography…sure, my mother still does it, but she learned to type in the ’70s, so I give her a break. But everyone else in the free world should know that single spaces are correct, more visually pleasing, and frankly, just better. Now, if we could just get people to understand the difference between “your” and “you’re”…

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Me? In skinny jeans? Saturday, Jan 8 2011 

It’s amazing how the right outfit really brings out your confidence. All I keep thinking is, Me? In skinny jeans? But then I look in the mirror, pleased with my recent weight-loss hard work, and smile as I see everything coming together. Me, in skinny jeans? Hell. Yeah.

It’s not you, it’s me. Tuesday, Dec 28 2010 

Back when I was heavily engaged in the blogosphere, my biggest pet peeve was when I found a blog I really liked and the writer would just suddenly stop posting. There was even one blogger (whose blog I really, really loved) who not only stopped writing but erased her blog entirely. It was heartbreaking to become so connected to someone – often a stranger – through their writing then have them take it away. It’s like a break up.

I’m sure many of you thought I was breaking up with LuckyRenee (and, in turn, my readers). Or, at the very least, citing “it’s not you, it’s me” but having random hook ups once a year when we ran into each other at the bar. The truth is that real life doesn’t create the greatest opportunity for maintaining a blog. In my 6+ years of blogging, most of that time I was in school – mostly college – which is the ideal time to have a blog. Lots of extra free time, great inspiration, interesting friends, etc, etc. But then you graduate and get a job and a house and a husband and suddenly your life is filled with cleaning the kitchen and letting out the dog and not at all with being creative. But enough is enough. I owe it to myself to write and I promise that I’m going to. If you have any topics you’d like to hear my thoughts on or just want to pass on some encouragement (“write woman, write!”) please email me at luckyrenee at gmail dot com. Cheers!

rest in peace Monday, Aug 31 2009 

r: what happened to your blog, dude?

b: it died

r: rest in peace

r: cause of death?

b: twitter

Laziness Makes Me a Better Employee Sunday, Aug 2 2009 

I’m sitting at a laundromat at 9:30 on a Sunday morning. I have a washer and dryer of my own, but after looking at the roughly 5 loads of towels before me, my motivation gave way to laziness and I decided a quick trip to the laundromat was a much more efficient option. Seriously, do I look like the kind of girl who would repeatedly climb mountains of stairs to do load after load of laundry when she could pop a few quarters into a machine and do everything at once, all the while spending her waiting time surfing the web and putzing on Facebook? Certainly not. This happens to me all the time at work as well. Instead of taking the long way to do something, I will create an extra report, write down a few extra numbers, or maintain an additional graph, just to save some time in the long run. Some people call it laziness; I call it efficiency.

“I would have stayed up with you all night had I known how to save a life.” Wednesday, Sep 17 2008 

Maybe it’s the falling leaves or the falling temperature, but autumn always becomes a time for reflection. Today my reflection is built in, a memory from 2 years ago that still makes me cringe every time I hear a motorcycle rev. At one time, friends gathered, coming and going at all hours but never really leaving. Now time passes but hearts don’t forget, faces remember the streams of tears, and for one 24 hour period it’s September 2006 all over again.

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